Kamis, 24 Januari 2008

Is It Possible?
Earning money on Internet without investing ? and get Rich?

We first have to define "rich".In The super-rich, the 'plain' rich, the 'poorest' rich...and everyone else I explain how and why I conclude that a household or family with an annual income at least ten times that of the average-- with no one in the family actually working to make it-- qualifies as rich in America today.

So the basement income to qualify as 'rich' will here be considered to be $500,000 in annual income that'll come in regardless of whether anyone in the family is holding a paying job or not.Is it possible to earn money on the Internet without spending a cent (without investment)? Yes, it is possible and if you are lucky, you could be earning thousand of dollars with no investment.

Paid to click PTC

The simplest and quickest way to earn money on the Internet with no investment is through paid to click or paid to read sites. Become their members and get your own login page and mail box where advertisement links will be listed. Your task is to click on the ads link and you will get paid. Each link that you click could earn you at least $0.01. Earning from these sites are marginal but over time, the amount will add up. In addition, if you have referrals joining you, your earning will increase faster.

Website review

Create a free blog and apply to be member of website review programs such as PayPerPost.com and Smorty.com. Once approved, you will be given tasks to review advertiser products and services. Each accepted and approved review will earn you at least $5.00. The review task involved writing a short articles to promote the advertiser products.To be involve in the website review, you must have a website or blog. Having your own website means you need to pay for the domain name as well as hosting charges. Without investment, you have to create a free blog from providers such as BlogSpot.com, Blogger.com or WordPress.com

Affiliate marketing

If you find website review is too tedious, you can consider affiliate marketing whereby you can join a reliable affiliate program and promote their products.You will earn commission from every products sold. To get products to be purchased, you need to promote it through your own blog or their landing page. Join various traffic-exchange programs to bring visitors to your blog or product landing pages. More visitors surfing to your blog means you have better chance of getting a sale.

Blog advertising or taking surveys

If you like to write (or a chatty kind of person), you can create a free blog and post topics that you are interested in. Keep posting quality contents and your blog will attract visitors.

Centuries ago, someone figured out that they could be paid just for connecting local producers of goods and services with local buyers. Eventually, these ancient entrepreneurs realized that they had created an entire new industry where generation after generation could create income and even wealth just by being the "middle man". That was before the Internet changed everything!

Today, the potential is unbelievable!

Forget going to the office every day! You'll run this business from the privacy and comfort of your own home or from anywhere you choose. It's simple to operate and so affordable that anyone can do it with no prior computer or business experience!

The World Market online business system is not a get-rich scheme. It's a worldwide, online version of the honest, straight-forward business system created centuries ago. And with this remarkable business, you can actually start making money right away! This complete turnkey system also gives you unlimited support to help make starting your business one of the easiest things you'll ever do! It's like having your own webmaster, programmer and Internet marketing consultant a phone call away.